Toppik Hair Nutrition 2-in-1 Capsules

Toppik Hair NutritionDietary supplement
30-day supply

-    60 capsules per container
-    VitaRenew Complex
-    Keratin concentrate

Do you drink more then 6 cups of coffee a day?

High risk of a shortage of Iron and Calcium.

Do you smoke?

Less blood circulation in the scalp, so less nutrition for your hair.

Are you on a diet?

High risk of a shortage of Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, Zinc, Iron etc.


Do you eat less than 4 pieces of fruit a day?

High risk of a shortage of  Vitamine A, B and/ or C.

Is your answer to one of these questions 'YES'  then chances are big you will speed up the hair loss process.
Fortunately there is a solution.

Toppik Hair Nutrition 2-in-1 capsules contains a patented VitaRenew complex that combines essential antioxidants, vitamins and exotic extracts to support too thin or thinning hair. It also contains keratin concentrate for dry and brittle hair.

In the black side:

Keratin Protein:
Necessary to strengthen healthy hair from within.

Increases essential nutrients to the hair.

Vitamin E:
Improves blood circulation to the scalp.
To further improve the circulation and thus improved hair growth you can also use the X5 Laser Comb.

In the red side:

Red palm oil:
Antioxidants, amino acids, beta-carotene, riboflavin nourish hair.

Acts as an antioxidant that promotes healthy hair. Gluten free.


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