Haarbusiness International
For the hair loss prevention lotion (DHT blocker) Revivogen.
For hair vitamin supplements
For hairloss treatment
For hairloss prevention and hair growth
For a beautyful tan


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DS Laboratories offers the following products:

Revita Shampoo
Revita.Cor Conditioner
Spectral.UHP 5% Minoxidil
Spectral.DNC 5% Minoxidil + more
Spectral.DNC-L 5% minoxidil for advanced thinning
Spectral DNC-N 5% Nanoxidil
Spectral DNC-S for advanced thinning
Spectral.CSF specially designed for women`s hair loss
Spectral.RS treatment for thinning hair
Spectral.F7 efficacy booster agent
Revita.EPS Eyelash growht stimulator
Dandrene Antidandruff Shampoo,
Keraméne Body Hair Minimizer





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